The artist and his creation at the Milan Design Week (12 – 17 April 2011)
London artist Benedict Radcliffe will unveil his latest creation, an exclusive wireframe art installation as part of his recent collaboration with Land Rover, during the Milan Design Week.

The installation, a life size piece of art based on the new Range Rover Evoque, has been created specially to reveal of the many exterior and interior design features that allow customers to personalise their vehicles, will be on display from the 12th to the 17th of April at Officina-Tortona Locations, Opificio 31, Via Tortona 31, in Range Rover Evoque area. Benedict Radcliffe will be at the Design Week.

Benedict’s installation focuses on the individual design elements of the Range Rover Evoque. Building on the Range Rover Evoque wireframe design, the installation includes 3D wheels and front and back seats, all made from steel and painted in a rainbow of colours including lime green and neon pink.

These components are suspended within a 3D wireframe box, creating a life size wireframe representation of the car that as well as fitting together, can also be deconstructed to form individual stand alone pieces of art.

Benedict has played a central role in creating the wireframe concept for Land Rover, advising on the creation of the sculptures, which have been showcased in cities worldwide.

He said: “The traditional concept of the wireframe created a huge buzz in 2010 but this is the perfect opportunity to dig a little deeper into the intricate design detail of the Range Rover Evoque. People can’t help but get involved with the sculptures and interact with them and I can’t wait to see how the installation is received.”

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