Panio se une al Tour 2018 de Outstanding in the field


Baja California Mussels en escabeche tostadas
Bodega Orgánica Spiced Parsnip chips
El Capricho ranch eggs with romaine and Rancho La Romita Parmesan

Grilled crusty breads from Panio bakery
La Trinidad butternut squash and local honey spread
Bodega Orgánica carrot top pesto with walnuts
Barbacoa roasted garlic spread
Bodega Orgánica butter dipped baby radish with sea salt

First course
Ezequiel Agua y Tierra Tuna crudo with tender greens

Second course
Bodega Orgánica Grilled carrots and beets with tahini dressing and toasted seeds
Swiss chard tamales with masa criollo and herb vinaigrette

Rancho Luna Escondida goat Barbacoa with salsas and fresh tortillas
Salsa tatemada: chile serrano, garlic, onion, tomato
Salsa de chile guajillo with tomatillo
Salsa borracha with mezcal and pulque

Bodega Orgánica Rhubarb and strawberry tart with fig leaf ice cream

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